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Matt LeBlanc on “Matt LeBlanc”

For those of you who don’t watch Hollywood awards shows every year, you may have missed that Matt LeBlanc now has “, Golden Globe Winner” after his name.

LeBlanc has a brilliant, oddly career redefining role in Showtime’s Episodes, playing none other than… himself.

This is no Joey reincarnate; the show is surprisingly deft at skewering Hollywood nonsensery and narcissism, and above all takes aim at the impossibly ridiculous machinations of American Network broadcasting corporations and the process of bringing a show from pilot to air. Under the helm of Friends exec producer David Crane, you really get the sense that the writers and creators of the show are knowledgeably speaking from horrific-yet-comedically-rich experience.

The show is definitely worth watching, or you could just go ahead and read this spoilery interview in The Guardian here, where LeBlanc discusses the similarities and differences between him and his “character.”